The Circuit is created off of a Pro MMA style layout with 5 min rounds consisting of 3 Body weight ONLY exercises addressing push, pull, level change & power to name a few. Each exercise must be done in set format no less than the amount of desired reps, resulting in multiple sets & sweat by the end of the round. From a virtual stand point, this allows time for technique & modification for the less experienced OR higher volume & intensity for the more active all within 30 mins.


Needed Equipment


Body Weight Only!

What people are saying

I took the Circuit 35 class and really enjoyed it. The flow of each set was good. His instructions and demos were clear and easy to understand. Sebastian is great! Easy-going attitude and he’s fun! I liked that the class was only 30-35 minutes and still incorporated moves to work the whole body. It also got my heart rate up and worked up a sweat! I felt great after and ready to start my day

Irene Huang
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