This here sweat is for EVERYBODY

Prerecorded 35 min classes for everyone to join in using only dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight, boxing gloves & other special signature classes created by me for those out of my reach! All applicable to many levels as there are beginners, intermediate & advanced classes with modifications!


Kat Volante

⚡NASM Certified
⚡Lagree Certified
⚡Black belt in Taekwondo
⚡Blue belt in BJJ
In addition to being an amazing spirit, she has 12 years of experience in competitive figure skating – talk about making moves!
So glad to have her joining the team! Reach out for details about online membership access.
Sandy Iro
⚡ Certified Personal Trainer
⚡Fitness Enthusiast
⚡Fun & Innovative
As a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I’m best known for my fun and innovative ways to get women to feel empowered from within through movement.
Sandy’s background consists of multiple forms of training including weight loss, building lean muscles, low-impact exercises, and performance optimization while also integrating fun games and a sense of humor during her sessions. We can’t wait for you to take her classes!

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