About Coach D

With 10 years of experience as Professional Athlete & Trainer, fitness was never of importance for me, exhausting even. But the application of how to physically accomplish something through movement is a different story. I have always found myself intrigued as to how the body works & what ways to make myself better & then shifting that to now how can I HELP another discover the best version of themselves & it always brought me back to one thing…movement is everything & yet it’s nothing unless you’re having fun doing it. So I’ve dedicated myself to provide the service that I do helping people gain muscle, lose weight, learn martial arts & most of all enjoy their lives more. My style of training pays respect to basics by amplifying in ways that all levels can comprehend in addition to fun challenges every once in a while catered to YOU so the progress comes in many forms. So if you’re a first-timer or at a beginner level, it’s not a factor, I’ll still help you any way that I can! If you have any past injuries or difficulties? Together, we will modify, adapt, and overcome so you still benefit from your own personal maximum level of work. With the virus hitting & shaking the world, I decided I want to bring the sweat, smiles & satisfaction to more than those around me through M.O.V.E. HQ. So let’s have some fun! 
When my brother & I would get in trouble as kids, my mom would say upper or lower? & I would always choose lower. Squats for punishment she said. Little did I know how much my life would be wrapped around exercise & movement.
– Coach D

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